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What do I wear?
Dress in light comfortable clothing that you can move in. All of our classes are barefoot so you don’t have to worry about shoes!

What if I have an injury?
All of our teachers are happy to work with you no matter what your limitations are. Let us know when you arrive for class any injuries and limitations you might have and we will work together to produce a fun and safe experience.

Do I need to sign up in advance?
Please feel free to stop in whenever you want to take class; pre-registration is recommended. For your first class, try to arrive at least ten minutes before class begins so your teacher can meet you and show you around. 

What if I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m nervous?!
Most of our students come to us as beginners and almost all of our classes have more than one first timer in the class! We are experienced with helping beginners, just come and have fun!


Why is it hot?
The heat in Bikram yoga makes it easier to stretch and increases blood flow. Especially for injured students, practicing in a heated environment is much safer. As a beginner, please take breaks when you need to as you acclimate to being in a heated environment.  

I’ve heard it’s really hard! Should I start with an easier class?
Bikram yoga is beginners yoga suited to all bodies. All postures performed in class are normal range of motion. Our teachers are especially experienced working with people with injuries and limitations, please let us know how we an help!

What do I need to bring?
Please bring your yoga mat, a beach or bath-sized towel (or a full-length hot yoga towel) and a bottle of water. All of these things are also for sale or rent at the studio.

How often is safe to practice Bikram Yoga?
As long as you are keeping up with replenishing your hydration and electrolytes, Bikram Yoga is safe to practice on a daily basis.  In fact, when you’re just getting started, we especially recommend you come as frequently as possible to acclimate to the heat and get into this life-changing practice!


What do I need for class?

A pair of sneakers and a positive attitude!  In efforts to keep our studio clean and dirt-free, please bring your sneakers with you and change into them upon arrival.

Will I look silly during Zumba class?
Who cares!  Everyone is too busy worrying about what they are doing to notice what you are up to!  Besides, coordination is simply one aspect of Zumba – something that needs to be trained just like strength and flexibility.  The good news?  Coordination trains very quickly and Zumba songs and dance routines repeat from class to class. You become familiar with songs and in no time you will be doing it on your own without much help from your instructor.  Give it a try and I promise your coordination and confidence will improve substantially. Remember the key is to keep moving. Mess ups happen. By the instructor and student alike. Consider them remixes but just keep moving!! The key is to have fun.

How many calories does Zumba burn/hour?
This all depends on your height, weight, age, and workout intensity level.  Most people burn somewhere around  400-900 calories/class but again it all depends on what you put in.

Will Zumba help me lose weight?
Yes.  As with any fitness program you will need to pair exercise with healthy eating in order to achieve long term weight loss.  I know many, many people who have lost a considerable amount of weight doing Zumba, and I know lots who don’t lose weight at all.  Once again, you only get out of it what you put into it.


What do I need to bring?
“Grippy socks” (required for all Hartford Sweat barre classes) and a bottle of water.  Socks are available for purchase at the studio ($12+tax).

Is this class good for fitness newbies?
By all means, yes!  Barre is for everyone.  Whether you’re new to fitness and looking for something to help you build muscle, develop coordination and balance, and burn calories OR if you’re already active and looking for something new to shake-up your routine: This is for you!

Is barre safe for folks with tight muscles and joints?
YES!  Barre is a lengthening strengthening modality with a solid belief in alignment posture and movement.  It creates long lean muscles without damaging joints through impact or stress.


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