Through incorporating the physical and mental tools of yoga that promote healthy energy, stress management, resiliency and self-awareness, students will learn transferable life skills that serve them well beyond the classroom and workplace.  By bringing BE.NOW to your institution, you are giving your students the opportunity to complement their studies with a practice scientifically proven to provide more mental space, clarity and capacity; resulting in increased productivity, creativity and balanced lives.

We believe the key to success is customized programming through collaboration and assessment, working with your institution’s student services team to create the appropriate implementation for your campus culture.  Hartford Sweat provides BE.NOW clients the option of a quick pre-survey for students, which will aid in determining desired class styles and scheduling. We also include a post-production survey, which will illuminate the results of the program. In addition to our class series, BE.NOW offers special event programming for Orientation, Senior Week, Mid-Terms, Finals and more.


Power Yoga Flow:

In this energetic yoga practice, students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond the basics. With a focus on proper alignment, students will learn modifications and variations throughout class, linking movement, meditation and breathing techniques to warm up the mind and body.  With the busy student in mind, classes will emphasize themes such as shoulder, back and core strengthening postures that assist in posture alignment to balance the hours spent studying on the computer.  This class is accessible to beginners and regular yoga studying alike.

Zen Yoga Flow:

Gentle yoga focuses on mindful movement while staying connected to what keeps us grounded – the breath. This class will provide students with the space to slow down in order to allow the body to stretch, open up, and unwind with a comforting flow of postures and a pairing of exercises designed to relax practitioners mentally as well as physically.  This class is accessible to all bodies.

Restorative Yoga:

The practice of restorative yoga is a powerful cure for the impact that stress and anxiety take on the mind, body and soul.  Students will be guided through a posture sequence with the use of blankets, bolsters and straps to create a supportive space to optimize renewal and relaxation. This level of relaxation positively affects the nervous system; allowing us to reboot and build resiliency. The benefits of restorative yoga are ideal for yogis of all levels.


BE.NOW works directly with your student services team to develop a program that best suits the needs of your students.


Schedule, format, and class modality

Programs tailored for large groups, athletics, faculty & staff and special events

Creative space utilization: Gym, Residence Hall, Green Space, Campus Centers, etc.


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Introductory rates available through January 1, 2017.

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