Yoga Teacher

    Why do you practice?
    Simple put – I practice because I need to. In yoga, I find that I can always come to my mat and be who I am without all the excess of anything else. I am myself stripped down to my truest form. In my practice I am peace, I am happy, I am energy, I am confident. Yoga is how I take care of myself.
    Where did your yoga practice begin?
    My practice first began in 2002 with a Denise Austin VHS tape at home! Ha! Throughout the years, I expanded and took classes locally and watched new videos and read books on new postures. I practiced on and off for years until one day signing up for a yoga course at a community college. It had been a hard year for me and I found myself very emotion on my mat after that first class. It was then that I realized yoga was not only my comfort level with exercise, but a form of expressive therapy for myself that I always came back to. After that, I was eager to learn more and completed my 200-hr training a year later in 2015.
    What can a student expect from your class?
    My students have described my teaching style as an accepting and non-intimidating class. Each class varies but focuses on connection with the self, removal of what we do not need, laughter, and connection with each other! Students can expect to take class at their pace, feel great after class and probably make a new friend there as well. I also chant in almost every class so for some this is a new experience.
    Why are you a yoga teacher?
    I didn’t originally intend to actually teach yoga but instead went through training to learn more about a yogic lifestyle and elevate my practice. In this growth I realized that there has been nothing that called to me more and nothing I would rather do with all my time. It is the most fulfilling career and I feel so lucky that I get to do it! The students are what keep me in it. I can always practice at home, but it is the wonderful sangha (community) we build that takes my journey with yoga to the next level.
    What do you love about Hartford Sweat?
    Hartford Sweat has it all! Not just yoga, but so many different practices to expand on your workouts or just a different form of release. If you’d like just a solid workout, you have it. If you want to connect to your practice more, you can. If you want community, friendships, learning, teaching… you will find it all at Hartford Sweat. Its wonderful seeing people who do what they deeply love to do and that is the both the teachers and the students here.
    Whats your favorite yoga posture and why?
    One of the most common questions you get asked as a yoga teacher and the hardest to answer! Since I am always trying to elevate my practice, I favor poses that I’d really like to “master” even if I’m not there yet. Ones I always come back to – Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One-Legged Pigeon Pose) because I always feel so good after and Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand) because it challenges me every time.


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