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    Zumba Teacher

    Why do you practice Zumba?

    Put simply, Zumba brings me joy! That feeling of losing yourself in the beat and just having a blast is what keeps me coming back time and time again. It is a place where I can leave the rest of my day behind and feel present, engaged, and playful. I have never left a class not smiling! And, of course, it is an awesome cardio workout that blasts calories without feeling like “work”.

    Why did you decide to become a Zumba teacher?

    I was inspired and encouraged by my teachers here at Hartford Sweat. Their passion is immense and contagious – it’s what drove me to expand my practice and want to share it with others so that my students can also experience the fun positive energy of a Zumba class.

    What is your favorite move?

    There’s no way I could choose just one! But I will say that in general, I love high-intensity moves that are easy to follow. All too often, people tell me they are hesitant to try Zumba because they are worried they can’t keep up. The moves repeat and I give lots of cues so that the class can focus more on the music and less on getting the moves.

    What do you love about Zumba at Hartford Sweat?

    I can’t say enough about the good vibes at Hartford Sweat in all of the classes, not just Zumba. The studio is a nurturing place for all body types and ability levels. In my Zumba class, as long as you’re moving, you’re doing it right! It’s not about perfecting the moves but about moving your body, getting your sweat on, and having some fun in the process.


    Zumba Teacher

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