Yoga Teacher

    Why do you practice?

    I practice because yoga is a true source of balance. Yoga has been the most powerful and grounding force in my life and has opened doors and changed my path in ways I never expected. I’m amazed and humbled by yoga’s ability to balance and heal on so many levels. Stepping on my mat is like hitting the restart button, and I always step off my mat feeling re-energized and ready to face anything and everything that comes my way. 

    What can a student expect from your class?

    I create strong, dynamic power classes set to an eclectic playlist… Music is a big passion of mine! I want to encourage my students to explore their edge in a nurturing and playful environment. Expect to move, sweat, cultivate mindfulness and strength.

    Why are you a yoga teacher?

    I love sharing yoga with students, and it’s the best feeling in the world when someone walks out of my class feeling lighter, stronger, happier, or better in any way, or  tells me it was a great practice.  In all honesty, when I signed up for teacher training, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to teach–the thought of it sort of petrified me! But teaching has helped me come out of my shell and given me so much joy and confidence. It energizes me and seriously lights up my day. 

    What do you love about Hartford Sweat?

    It has such a down to earth and warm vibe, and it’s a gorgeous space. And I love that there’s so much under one roof, from yoga to Bikram to barre.

    Your favorite yoga posture and why?

    Pigeon pose… I could stay there all day. I love the feeling of surrender and letting go.

    Where did your yoga practice begin?

    Back in college, I took a class at a local gym in Austin, Texas (I’m a native Texan, so don’t be surprised if I throw in a “y’all” now and then!). I loved the way I felt afterwards, but when I left Texas, my practice sort of stalled. I picked it up again when I moved to the Northeast and never looked back. 


    Yoga Teacher

    Yoga Teacher

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