ASHLEYBarre Teacher


    Barre Teacher

    Why do you practice barre?
    SO many reasons!  I practice barre because it’s a fun workout where can you get a killer full body burn in almost every muscle group.  I practice because I have always loved lifting weights and (believe it or not) barre gives me the isometric movements that have really literally helped me feel stronger than ever. Coming from a strength training background, I never thought 3 pound weights could burn so good!  I practice because it’s amazing to see that everyone can try barre, coming from every fitness level, and you can change your body and evolve at your own pace with each class. 

    Why did you become a barre teacher?

    I decided to become a barre instructor because fitness is my passion. I could work out all day long!  I am endlessly trying to get my friends and family to come to barre with me and take classes, so after thinking about it for nearly 6 years, I finally took the plunge and went to teacher training!   In addition, I became a new mom in 2016, and found that there weren’t many places that could accommodate the needs of a mom looking for an effective and safe postpartum workout.  Going back to my roots, I’ve solidified my love of barre in a new way, finding that I could use these exercises to re-build my core strength and my confidence.  I look forward to attending the prenatal and postpartum barre certification courses in the future so that I can spread the joy and confidence that barre can offer to new moms, along with the fitness addicts and everyone in-between!

    What can students expect to get out of your class?

    Students can expect that I will always look for new and innovative ways to challenge them (and myself) in every class! 

    What do you love about Hartford Sweat?

    I love that from the moment I contacted Natasha to the moment I stepped foot in the studio, the entire community has been so welcoming to me. I am truly honored for the opportunity to learn and grow in such a supportive environment of teachers and students! 

    Barre Teacher

    Barre Teacher

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