Yoga Teacher

    What can your students expect from your class?
    Students can expect a strong practice that has an appropriate balance of holding long poses and flowing, all with a continued focus on the breath. I encourage students to listen to their body but also be open to trying something new. Each class will be different; the practice is in showing up.

    What is your favorite posture?
    My favorite yoga pose changes day to day depending on my body. However, I absolutely love handstands and all things upside down!

    Why do you teach yoga?
    I started practicing yoga for the physical benefits, but have continued to practice because it keeps me grounded in so many other ways. I hope to bring students to a similar place where yoga becomes a way of living, and not just a really great workout. Teaching is a reminder for me to “live my yoga,” while also sharing a practice that means so much to me.


    Yoga Teacher

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