Bikram Yoga Teacher

    Why do you practice Bikram Yoga?
    I practice because it makes me feel calm, centered and grounded.

    Where did your yoga practice begin?
    In October of 2006 after attending a weekend seminar at Kirpalu given by Rajashree (Bikram’s wife).  She was my 1st Bikram Yoga teacher.

    What can a student expect from your class?
    Students that take my class can expect to be motivated and encouraged to work hard and try the “right way” so that they can get all the benefits available from the yoga postures, even if they cannot achieve the “full expression” of the posture.  They can expect to learn in a safe and understanding environment.

    Why are you a yoga teacher?
    The reason I became a Bikram yoga teacher is for all the benefits and the amazing results of healing and a better quality of life I had experienced for myself. I wanted to share and give the experience to others and in return I feel incredibly grateful that I can!

    What do you love about Hartford Sweat?
    What I love about Hartford Sweat is the energy, the amazing studio, and the well-trained teachers and staff. All the teachers at Hartford Sweat are very professional, they take teaching very seriously and continue their education by working with senior teachers, going to seminars, taping their classes and are open to constructive feedback in order to make there class the best it could possible be!

    What is your favorite Bikram Yoga posture and why?
    My favorite posture is Camel pose! I love the feeling of opening your body mind and spirit! It allows me to let things go and let good heathy thoughts in I find it very cleansing.  


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