Yoga Instructor

    Why do you practice?

    Keeping a regular yoga practice not only helps me keep a strong physical body, but also keeps my mind and spirit nourished. When I come to my mat, I never know what I will feel or experience. It may be good, it may be confusing, it may be difficult, but my mat is always there for me. Yoga to me is more than just the postures we go through in a class, but it is a daily reminder that no matter what hardships I may face, that I can always come back to my mat to de-stress, unwind, and clear my head. I am grateful to have a practice such as this to keep me grounded in my life. 

    What is your favorite yoga posture and why?

    I love Supta Baddha Konasana. I love starting off my classes with this pose because it is very grounding. Lying in this pose I am able to let go of my day and start to focus on my practice. This is also a great pose to start to connect with your breath by placing one hand over the heart and one hand over the belly. 

    Why are you a yoga teacher?

    I am always a student first and a yoga teacher second. I believe that as long as we are always student we continue to learn and can share our wealth of knowledge with the world. Being a yoga teacher is one of the many blessings in my life. I love walking out of a class feeling amazing that I could provide students with the tools to better themselves. 

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