Bikram Yoga Teacher

    Why Do you Practice Bikram Yoga?
    I practice because Bikram Yoga helps me feel great, both mentally AND physically.  I’m balanced and flexible and have been able to heal old sports-related injuries, increase my range of motion, and strengthen my spine.  I’ve also become more confident, patient and disciplined that ever.  The class is never “easy” but I always finish the class feeling more alive and better than ever.  Beyond the the personal improvements I’ve seen, I have also grown to love the community of people who come to class.  I love that Bikram Yoga brings people together from different levels of experience & physical ability, to different background & culture and different age & ethnicity from all over the world into one room to struggle side-by-side and inspire each other.  For me, this practice has made for a happy life, and I love seeing the transformations continue to evolve in myself as well as in my students.
    Where did your yoga practice begin?
    The first Bikram Yoga class I took challenged me in ways that I had never experienced before.  I have always been athletic, but found the class to be so hard that I didn’t think I would ever go back.  After class I talked with the teacher who said, “Don’t judge it on your first class.  Come back at least one more time!”  Well, I went back and gradually began to love the physical challenge and the mental focus that each class demanded.
    Why are you a Bikram Yoga teacher?
    I wanted to teach this yoga to help others have the opportunity for self transformation that I saw in myself.
    What do you love about Hartford Sweat?
    I love being part of the Hartford Sweat community!  It has become a wonderful growing family of people who work, sweat and laugh together.
    What is your favorite posture?
    Balancing Stick.  I love the intensity of balancing on one leg with every muscle contracted, the awareness that it brings to my body, the rush of energy to my heart and the challenge of finding stillness in all of that.


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