Yoga Teacher

    Why do you practice?

    Each time I practice I feel as though I am nourishing my body and strengthening my mind. I truly love all aspects of a developing yoga practice. Each time I show up on my mat, I learn to listen to what my body needs and react accordingly.  Additionally, my practice offers me an incredible sense of accomplishment while working towards personal goals. While I learn to use that motivation off my mat, I’m confident in saying anything is possible with practice and passion.  

    What do you love about Hartford Sweat?

    I love that Hartford Sweat offers a little bit of everything to fulfill everyone’s niche. Hartford Sweat is all about offering a fun, safe, friendly, passionate environment for ALL types of students, while providing a home for teachers to grow and flourish together all with great energy and spirit.

    Your favorite yoga posture and why?

    What a challenging question, it’s really hard to pick just one. I’ll have to go with (Svarga Dvijasana) Standing Bird of Paradise because of potential for powerful stillness once in the full expression of the pose. Balance, flexibility and strength are all called upon when working into this pose and once I’m lifted I feel so strong and open yet graceful, making for a very empowering pose in my eyes


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