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    Why do you practice Zumba?
    I practice Zumba for a number of reasons. Although the purpose was initially to provide myself with an amazing and fun cardiovascular workout, it ended up meaning so much more to me. Growing up in a latin household, music was a huge part of my upbringing.  Whether it was dancing, singing, or playing there was always some sort of music involved. Music became a part of me and in many ways it is “an escape”. The opportunity to combine music and dancing into a workout was a match made in heaven for me.  Along with the obvious opportunity to workout, Zumba allows me to have an hour of freedom whenever I teach. An hour to get get away from the day-to-day thoughts and not only ground myself, but also bring my students on the same journey and provide them with the same opportunity to escape for an hour.

    How did your Zumba practice begin?
    My Zumba practice began by chance. My sister, a former gym teacher, asked me to take the certification with her so she would not have to do it alone. Initially I declined. Zumba to me at the time was “not for guys.” Eventually I agreed and after the first five minutes of the certification, I was hooked.  The rest is history.  

    What can a student expect from your class?
    A student can expect to have a high energy workout that is fun and easy to follow. Far too often people are afraid to try Zumba because they think they do not have what it takes to follow along. As long as you’re moving, you’re working out. Expect to work out in my class 🙂

    What do you love about Hartford Sweat?
    Hartford Sweat provides its community with a variety of workouts, all of which are geared towards nurturing the mind, body, spirit and, most importantly, the soul. All of the teachers and instructors are positive-minded individuals who are passionate about what they do and want to share their passion with their community.

    Your favorite Zumba move and why?
    My favorite zumba move is when my students smile. Forget about dance or fitness moves. The smile is the move that makes it all worth it.  Thats when you know you’ve succeeded as an instructor.


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