Director of Community Education & Outreach
    Yoga Teacher

    Why do you practice?

    I practice to create space to learn and grow, on and off the mat. Yoga always meets me where I am at, be it needing to explore an edge or practice self-care. The combination of asana, breathing and mindfulness enables me to witness myself with compassionate non-judgement. The added bonus is that it is wicked fun and an absolute blast to share my passion with my yogi friends.

    Where did your yoga practice begin?

    In April 2011 I took my first class on a new student unlimited month package and never looked back. I had never been able to cultivate such a sense of connectedness and positive energy in any of the many hobbies and adventures I had tried over the years. I had entered a place to call home that existed within me.   Even when I went through a period when the demands of work and graduate school made it hard to practice, I still knew that home existed and that I would move back in permanently in the future. Words cannot express my gratitude to be home at Hartford Sweat.

    What can a student expect from your class?

    Students in my class can expect a safe, inclusive and empowering environment to practice meditation through movement. I offer space for my students to explore their edges, both in mind and body. My belief is that we are our own teachers and I guide my students in discovering the tools that already exist within them to learn from themselves. I’ve also been known to rock a sweet playlist that flows with the practice.

    Why are you a yoga instructor?

    As a mere mortal, I understand life as sharing what you learn with the world around you in hopes of helping others learn and grow. Yoga has transformed my life and I will be a lifelong student of the practice. I teach yoga to share the gifts yoga has given me and to continue my own journey as students are the best teachers.

    What do you love about Hartford Sweat?

    Hartford Sweat is a community of people who come together to share their love of connecting to themselves through yoga, dance, and so much more. The wide range of classes allows people who may not normally meet to create new experiences and relationships. Natasha’s infectious spirit of challenging and supporting her #sweatsquad to be the best version of themselves is an absolute gift to us all.

    Your favorite yoga posture and why

    Parsvha Virabhadrasana – Side Warrior. I find this posture to have a quiet strength that builds concentration and confidence. It can seem like such a simple pose yet there is so much going on in the entire body. Plus, the fixed gaze on the horizon past your fingertips is quite fierce. As everything starts to shake when in a long hold of parsvha virabhadrasana, you are asking yourself if you need to stop or if you want to stop, a resiliency that translates very well to life off of the mat. I also love not being able to lift my arms over my head the next day as it is a good reminder that I made time for my practice.

    Yoga Teacher

    Yoga Teacher

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