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    Barre Teacher

    Why Do You Practice Barre?
    I practice barre because every class is a challenge. It seems like my muscles never really fully adjust or become accustomed to the workout. Every class I teach or take I’ll manage to “get my shake on” and get to muscle failure, which I believe is a huge component to fitness, both physically and mentally.
    Where/How Did Your Barre Practice Begin?
    I began taking barre in Spokane Washington soon after finding out I was pregnant with my second baby a few years ago. I was looking for a format that would help me to stay fit and that I’d be able to safely adapt and modify to my changing size and shape. Barre was perfect and continued to progressively challenge me after the baby was born.
    Why Did You Become A Barre Teacher?
    I decided to become a barre instructor for a number of reasons. Mainly because I thought it was a really fun and accessible workout for so many body types and experience levels.  Also, I could tell this wasn’t a fad and that it had real staying-power here in the fitness industry.
    What Do You Love About Hartford Sweat
    Hands down I love the energy that the studio exudes. Everyone here is smiling and supportive and kind.
    What Is Your Favorite Barre Move (And Why)?
    Wide & deep plie with pelvic tucks.  Every time I do it I want to cry but it feels so good when I’m done!

    Barre Teacher

    Barre Teacher

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