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    Yoga Teacher

    Where/when did your yoga practice begin?

    When I first began my journey into getting healthy and discovered my love of exercise, I belonged to the YMCA and tried a lot of different classes, one of them being yoga. I liked it a lot, and when a woman mentioned hot yoga in passing I was intrigued. I went home that night, Googled it, discovered Bikram yoga and went to my first class that weekend. I left sweaty, confused and exhausted, but I was hooked! After years of practicing Bikram exclusively, I ventured into the more gentle practices like restorative and yin and fell in love once again.
    Why do you practice yoga?
    I practice to escape from my inner dialogue, and for strength and balance (physically and mentally). I am never more at home and comfortable in my skin than when I am on my mat. Also, as a person who never stops moving, it’s important to take the time to slow down and yoga has helped with that so much.
    Why did you decide to become a yoga teacher?
    Yoga is the only thing that has helped to cultivate ease in both my mind and body. When I walk out of class, I feel like I can take on the world and I really wanted the opportunity to provide that sense of serenity and inner strength to other people.  If I help just one person, my practice and training were all worth it!
    What can your students expect from your class?
    They can expect to leave feeling calm and nourished but also have a sense of accomplishment. I love to work on building strength and balance, while making them proud and aware of their progress  (“wow, I couldn’t bend as far 2 weeks ago,” “I can balance on one foot now” etc).


    Yoga Teacher

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