Barre & Yoga Teacher

    Why do you practice barre & yoga?

    Barre gives me an intense workout that is safe on my joints, takes me back to my roots of dance and results in long, lean muscles. It is challenging each and every time, and my muscles feel it the next day in a good way. It’s also amazingly fun! Barre is the perfect compliment to my yoga practice. I practice yoga because it makes me feel strong and reminds me of how capable I actually am!

    Where did your barre & yoga practice begin?

    Honestly, my barre practice began when I was a child. I was born pigeontoed on both feet, and my podiatrist suggested to my parents that I take dance, especially ballet. What followed was 12 years of tap, ballet and jazz dancing that became an integral part of my life. As an adult I went on to belly dancing and pole fitness, but then “discovered” barre a few years ago. It sounds cliche, but from the first class I was hooked, and I knew I wanted to be an instructor as well. My yoga practice began in Glastonbury almost 10 years ago.

    What can a student expect from your barre & yoga class?

    First of all, students in my class can expect to laugh and sweat to a fun set list of music! I hope to spread my enthusiasm and help students focus on connecting with their bodies because we lose that so much in our busy, day to day lives. Lastly, I promise an intense workout that will leave a lasting impression. In my yoga classes, a student can expect a compassionate teacher and a supportive environment where they are allowed to explore their depth.

    I’m a yoga instructor because I enjoy watching people grow and unravel to find their true self.

    What do you love about Hartford Sweat?

    Hartford Sweat has an incredible lineup of classes and instructors. It is bringing to Downtown Hartford the next generation in a studio working to create a community amongst its students while providing intensive workouts to fit into anyone’s workout plan and schedule. The energy of the instructors is contagious!!

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