Why I practice Barre?

    Barre gives me a challenging, compact and fun hour where I am able to engage every muscle in my body (including my brain) in complete alignment.  Barre incorporates strength, flexibility and balance while teaching you grace, rhythm and peace.  It intermixes core challenge and muscle recruitment while producing a long, lean, dense muscle. 

    How Did My Barre practice begin?

    I knew nothing about Barre until 2 years ago when I walked into my 1st class in Hartford’s West End led by Exhale Barre Certified instructor, Erin Gamble.  I knew the second that I walked out that I would be back.  I had just come off surgery with a total hip replacement and was desperate to bring my body back to health with the given limitations of the injury.  I was surprised by how beautifully sore I felt after my first class using nothing more than body weight.  I continued practicing several times a week and grew to love barre more and more.  

    What can a student expect from my class? 

    Flow! My full attention! Upbeat music, enhancing correction, challenging moves and positive feedback. 

    Why Are you a Barre teacher?

    Barre has literally transformed me.  One of my favorite things about this beautiful practice is that it is not as stressful on your body as weight-lifting and other workouts.  It requires no recovery time and can be practiced safely everyday.  I decided to go to teacher training when I found out that my instructor, Erin, would be moving out-of-state.  I wanted to learn the skills she had taught me and to make barre a regular part of my life.  Erin pointed me to Exhale and I signed up!  I was privileged to meet and train with Exhale Barre method creators, Fred DeVito and his wife Elisabeth Halfpapp.  I completed my Exhale Barre training, and now, as a certified instructor, I am so incredibly inspired and compelled to share barre with those who want to change their lives with this practice, too.

    What do I Love About Hartford Sweat?

    First and foremost, I LOVE the staff!  Natasha Roggi’s energy and knowledge is infectious.  She is truly inspirational to be around.  Second, I love that it is in Hartford!  Hartford is full of culture, opportunity and promise!   In addition to teaching, I also volunteer at the Wadsworth Atheneum as a docent.  I love anything that enhances the city’s spirit, and a yoga-barre studio is such a great asset! 

    What is your favorite Barre move and Why?

    This is easy!  Pretzel!  Because I am glute obsessed at the moment and it gets a deep seat muscle that I really can not feel in any other activity in life.  Barre is full of “therapy” moves, but this one in particular targets a weak spot for me, and I always feel its best to challenge the week spots in the body to bring balance to all the parts. 


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