Power Yoga Teacher

    Where did your yoga practice begin?

    I have been practicing yoga since I was a teenager to heal things in my body that traditional medicine could not.

    Why do you practice yoga?

    I practice yoga to feel free and to reconnect with my true inner being.

    What can your students expect from your class?

    My students can expect to work hard and to change their lives. I help my students to find strength and personal expression in their practice. I am invested in the healing and growth process of every single one of my students. Through practicing yoga, I believe students gain the power to transform into the best version of themselves, and in turn, we can help transform the world into a better place.

    Why did you decide to go to yoga teacher training/why do you teach?

    You do not work to fulfill yourself, you work because you are fulfilled. Yoga has been the most powerful conduit of change and bliss in my life and it’s my calling to bring that to others. I want every single person I come across to feel loved and to know that they are worth it. We can all experience joy in every single moment, we just have to learn how to get out of our heads and into our bodies to get there – to get back to that small child that would dance in the rain…without worrying how it looks, only caring about how it feels.

    Power Yoga Teacher

    Power Yoga Teacher

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