MARYBarre and Yoga Teacher


    Barre and Yoga Teacher

    Why do you practice barre and yoga?

    – I practice for the intensity, the strength I feel after the many planks, bicep curls, pulsing squats, or releves in plies.
    – I practice for the power of breath that allows me to stand still, move in a series of postures, flowing from one to another pose seamlessly.
    – I practice to sweat away what needs to be released.
    – I practice to receive energy.
    – I practice to stay in my space.
    – I practice because I love my body.
    – I practice to overcome obstacles.
    – I practice because I love life.
    – I practice to evolve as a teacher.
    What can a student expect from your class?
    I expect them to say, “There’s just something about Mary!”  I love music, dancing and I’m an undercover comedian (not really).  All I ask is for that my students be present, they work hard and they challenge themselves, all while staying within their limitations as they push through a fun upbeat playlist. Furthermore, I urge my students to listen to their bodies.  It’s ok to step away if needed and come right back when you’re ready. Be brave and try something new. I’ll be there to make any necessary adjustments all while respecting your space.  In all, you can expect to move, sweat, breathe, and wholeheartedly feel really good!
    Why did you become a yoga & barre teacher?
    There’s nothing like walking into a room where I know the instructor is going to be present, teach with the best intention, inspire and push me to reach my edge. I have experienced this feeling and it is the environment that I want for my students. I have the knowledge, passion and love for the practice. Therefore I’m honored to share it with others.
    What is your favorite yoga posture and/or barre move (and why)?
    Definitely plié in 2nd position because you can easily transition to an intense lunge sequence then finish off with a good glutes series. Its a great way to work on the glutes and thighs!
    As for yoga, tree is my favorite pose. It is challenging to stand on one leg but it’s more than that, it’s about stillness, focus, balance, reaching a level of calmness.

    Barre and Yoga

    Barre and Yoga Teacher

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