Barre & Yoga Teacher

    Why Do You Practice Barre & Yoga?

    Barre & Yoga have provided me a way to tap into my strength and power. As a kid, I was rather overweight and quite sedentary. Late in my teens, I decided I needed a change. First yoga, then barre entered my world. It was an opportunity for me to use my body like I never had before in my life. I felt strong; I could see transformation; and most importantly, I truly enjoyed it!

    Why Did You Become A Barre/Yoga Teacher?

    I wanted to share the empowerment I felt, on and off the mat, with those who wanted to explore their body’s possibilities.

    What Is Your Favorite Barre Move (And Why)?  Yoga?
    SQUATS!!! I love squats in all of their glorious variations: parallel pliés, second position pliés, grand pliés, utkatasana, goddess pose. The fire that builds in the legs and glutes from both dynamic and static squats always keeps me coming back for more! 

    Barre & Yoga Teacher

    Barre & Yoga

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