Bikram Yoga Teacher

    How did your Yoga practice begin?

    My yoga practice began in 2013 when I walked into my first class, and I’ve never looked back. I had back surgery in my early 30’s and by the time I rolled into my forties, I was depressed, overweight and very unhealthy. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of my adulthood looking for something that is sustainable, that produces results and is fun. Bikram has been all of these to me, and more important than what it’s done for my dress size, I now have a clear mind, balance in my life, and my back has never felt better!

    What can your students expect from your class?

    First, you can absolutely expect to be greeted with a smile every time you walk through the door!  I am so grateful and overjoyed to be in the position of sharing something I am so passionate about!  Next, can expect to find compassion and strength in a judgement-free zone.  Since my overcoming “back issues”, depression and the journey of losing 100+ lbs, it’s easy to remember and have empathy for the struggle, both mentally and physically, that we all go through in class. It took a long time to be able to look at myself in the eye during class and accept the woman looking back. I’m honored to be part of your 90-minute path every time you walk into the hot room.

    What is your favorite yoga posture and why?

    My favorite posture is Half Tortoise. I love the stretch down my back. It’s been really awesome to see how much more flexible I’ve become and how much longer I can reach.

    Bikram Yoga

    Bikram Yoga Teacher

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