Yoga Teacher

    My favorite yoga posture and why?

    For me this is a two part answer. First, the  posture I love is the one I don’t want to do. Second, padmasana. My reason is the journey. Through genetics I can thank my parents for tight hips. Just because I can get into padmasana doesn’t mean I can remain in the posture for a long period of time. Through consistent practice of asana day by day I am able to stay comfortable for a longer period of time. This asana brings awareness toward my knees which are vulnerable and from this I can help the student navigate their journey injury free. 

    Why do I practice yoga? 

    Simply put I have to refer to Patanjalis definition of yoga “Yoga is the suppression of the modification of the mind”. The strength and courage obtained through practice allows me to be open and vulnerable. 

    What can students expect from my class?

    A traditional led class environment. With the focus on tristana – the union of vinyasa, bandha and drishti.


    Power Yoga Instructor

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